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Companies engaged in the retail and consumer products industries must keep abreast of rapidly changing consumer opinions and demands - along with a developing environment of regulatory and compliance issues - all within the context of their own business plans and objectives. This requires vigilant monitoring of a wide range of industry development and issues. For example:

  • The marketplace is witnessing a significant phase in the evolution of big box stores and large national retailers, with consolidation within segments and a trend in retailer growth through more locally or niche-tailored stores, pop-up locations and smaller format concepts.
  • The marketplace is similarly experiencing a continued trend toward internet-based or assisted retailing, with product sellers either competing with such sales channels or deciding to adopt such methods.
  • New federal, state and local safety regulations increasingly impose requirements and compliance obligations on the sellers of a wide variety of products and services with substantially larger consequences and penalties for noncompliance.
  • Retailers and other consumer-facing industry segments continue to be at a heightened state of alert regarding the protection of customer data. Data breaches and privacy concerns are spurring new policies and practices to safeguard protection of client data and to retain consumer trust.

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