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The construction industry is inextricably tied to the highs and lows of global macroeconomic conditions. As the industry survives and thrives through the inevitable cycles, it is subject to various trends and issues, such as the following recent developments:

  • The regulatory environment in many construction sectors is complex and involves multiple tiers of government. Compliance with these regulations adds to operational costs but, in the long term, may reduce a company‚Äôs exposure to litigation and can lower insurance premiums.
  • With increased government regulation of infrastructure, new construction as well as repairs are needed. Low interest rates and rising profit will further encourage public-private partnership investment in new engineering projects and upgrades to existing infrastructure.
  • Improving economies in Latin America present an opportunity for public-private partnerships for new infrastructure projects, specifically in Peru, Chile and Colombia. Increased foreign direct investment, including long-term capital, is expected to boost the construction industry in this region.

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